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Sound Files and Sound Effects:
Note: Some of the free sound files on these web sites may be copyrighted and cannot be used without permission. Please check the copyright notice on each individual web site, and obtain permission from the copyright holder, if necessary.

FreeSounds.com - over 7,000 high quality, professionally recorded sound effects for you to download in your projects.

Ambiences/Backgrounds - from the suburbs, shopping malls, supermarkets and cities; includes trains, traffic, crowds, etc. [mp3 and wav formats]
Ambient Sound Effects - airport, buses, kids playing, crowds talking, spring weather, river sounds.
Animals/Insects - sounds of dogs, horses, cats, crickets, birds; various versions of each [mp3 and wav formats]
Button Sounds - free button sound effects: switches, beeps, buzzers, error sounds, clicks, pops, etc.
Cartoon/Comical - a cartoon-like comical sound effect in various versions, similar to a swooshing sound
Communication Sound Effects - keyboard sounds and writing sounds of various kinds.
Construction - jack hammers, drill, sawing, trucks, and various construction site noises [mp3 and wav formats]
Fire/Explosions - small explosions and loud explosion [mp3 and wav formats]
Horror/Sci-Fi - monsters, aliens, and a UFO hovering.
Household - telephone sounds, toilet flushing, cabinet door, chef cutting food, and similar sounds.
Household Sound Effects - clock, door, bathroom, kitchen, appliances, drinking, cleaning, and creaking floor sounds.
Human - crowds, laughing, babies, cough, sniff, and also robotic voices
Human Sound Effects - applause, babies, crowds, footsteps, bodily functions, cloth, belts, zippers, etc.
Leisure/Entertainment - bowling noises [mp3 and wav formats]
Mechanical Sound Effects - chain saw, clanging, bells, drilling sounds, appliances, hammering, sawing, lawn mower, sewing machine, etc.
Millitary/War - gunfire and similar noises [mp3 and wav formats]
Multimedia - buttons clicks, alert sounds, prompt sounds, and similar
Nature - thunder, rain, river, stream, brook, and similar sounds.
Nature Sound Effects - fire, matches, rain, water dripping, water splashing sounds, wood cracking, ocean waves, rivers and streams.
Sound Design - swords, clangs, radio dial, whip, screech and the like.
Sport - golf drive sound and various versions of sports fan with horn.
Transportation Sound Effects - train, cars, engines, horns, window sounds, truck sounds, seat belts, car doors, and many more.
Vehicles/Transportation - car related sounds, buses, aircraft, bicycle, dump truck and similar sounds

Assorted Collections of Sounds:

Clipart.com - 5,000 sounds plus 5 million clipart images, fonts, animations, and photos. Join today.
Free Sound Effects - a growing collection of high quality free sound effects files in numerous categories.
Sound Jay - free sound effects for personal use; see terms of use.
Wav Central Sound Effects - a wide variety of short sound clips; about 75; includes such oddities as Tarzan yell, laser, antique car horn and more; .wav format. (Wav Central main page)


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Clipart Review: Animations - Backgrounds - Bullets - Buttons - Clipart by Category - Lines/Bars - Photos - Sounds