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Clipart Review - Clipart by Category:

Fotolia - inexpensive professional stock photos, illustrations, and video clips; single downloads as low as one, two, or three dollars each; images by subscription from fourteen cents each. [Search for sample images]

Aircraft - military and civilian airplane graphics; detailed illustrations of particular models of aircraft.
Alphabet from Web Diner Inc. - colorful 2D and 3D letters from A to Z, numbers and symbols. Also, a nifty set of botanical icons.
Alphabet from IconBazaar - very decorative, expertly designed letters, medium sized, in styles including: Art Deco, Gothic, Art Nouveau, Baroque, Floral, Medival, and Illustrated.
Agriculture - hundreds of small, colorful, simple icons depicting plants, farming, fruits, vegetables, etc.
Anatomy illustrations - more serious graphics, mostly black and white, many labelled with medical terminology.
Anatomy - medical - all of the illustrations from the classic medical text Henry Gray's Anatomy; some in color, some in black and white; very detailed.
Animals at Iconbazaar - hundreds of animal images in various sizes, including crabs, lobsters, insects, scorpions, spiders, frogs, toads, newts, birds, fish, marsupials, primates, rodents, hooved mammals, carnivores and more.
Animals - B&W - small and simple, black and white graphics of 20 different animals and fish.
More Arrows - Icon Bazaar's collection of thousands of button-sized sets of arrows pointing in all directions; perfect for site navigation.
Art and Culture - images related to world culture, different countries, travel destinations, and the visual arts.
Birthday Clip art - cakes, happy children, other birthday party graphics.
Botanical Icons from Web Diner Inc. - 2-tone, 3D and feathered icons, small images of leaves, flowers, trees and the like.
Botanical Images - detailed color prints of specific species of flowers and plants, large to medium in size, from Herbarium.com.
Business Clipart - small colorful buisness-related vector images, photos, and animated gifts, related to money, banks, stocks, and gold.
More Celtic Clipart - mostly symbols and celtic knots; includes bars and buttons for web site design; by Rowan's Icons.
Celtic Knots - designs and graphics all with variations of the Celtic knot pattern in them.
Computer Icons - hundreds of small computer-related images, good assortment, useful as bullets or buttons.
Document Icons - dozens of small images of books, notebooks, documents, paperwork, etc.
Flags of US States and Canadian Provinces and other countries
Flowers - assorted flowers or flower arrangements, photo-quality drawings, medium to large in size. Many different species of flowers.
Food and Drink - colorful, cartoon-like images, many animated, of fruits, vegetables, drinks, et cetera.
More Food and Drink - small images and icons with few colors depicting food and drink, persons eating and drinking, and some sound files.
Holidays - Valentine's Day, New Year's, Groundhog Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Graduation, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and more. From Patswebgraphics.com.
Houses - good sized, colorful house graphics; different styles of houses, from victorian to shacks.
Juggling - photos, clip art, cartoons and icons of juggling, including pictures from the British and European juggling conventions.
Kids Clip Art - dinosaurs, animals, amphibians, fish and aquatic mammals, also sports clip art.
Medical Images - photos and illustrations of plants, viruses, bacteria, animals and, in particular, illustrations of human anatomy (bones, muscles, etc.) - from Health on the Net.
Medical and Health clipart - colorful, good-sized images of doctors, dentists, medical equipment, ambulences, pills, syringes, and patients.
Medieval/Renaissance Food - dozens of specific black/white line-art drawings of medieval food, cooking utensils, and dinner parties.
Music - small to medium sized clipart images of musicians, musical instruments and music symbols; good selection, and well-organized.
Native American (Indian) - clipart, buttons, bars, and other design elements, with a native American theme. Large and colorful designs.
Nature Clipart - choices range from photo-like images to cartoon images, to animations; categories include flowers, plants, cats, bunnies, bears, ocean and fish, animals, insects, and butterflies.
Plants - B&W - small and simple, black and white graphics of 20 different plants, including leaves, trees, flowers, etc.
Real Estate - logos, houses, 'For Sale' and 'Sold' images, navigation icons and buttons, animations.
Stars and Suns - hundreds of small-sized images, many colors and styles, about 70; usefull as buttons or large bullets
Train and Railroad Images - including boxcars, trolleys, and train-related signs, people and buildings; B & W line drawings.
Waste Prevention - recycling symbols, plants, buckets, bins, bottles, cans, boxes, packaging, paper, etc., etc., etc. (lots of images).
World Flag Database - large images of each flag from each country; includes many state or provincal flags from various nations.

Assorted Clipart:

Anita's Graphics - original designs; graphics of children, angels, animals, plants/flowers, and web site design elements (buttons, bars, backgrounds). In English and Finnish (i think).
Cartoons Clip Library - hundreds of professionally-designed, cartoon-like small clipart and icon type images. Categories include: symbols, food, weather, clothes, traffic, office, animals, and more.
Classroom Clipart - thousands of well-categorized images.
Cool Clips - a large collection of original graphics, small but colorful; categories include: business, education, people, animals, food, religious, history, world, internet, military, transportation, sports.
Dan's Clipart Library - old-school style clipart designs, the images do not look computer generated; many animated images; well-organized, user-friendly site.
eDigg.com Clipart - well-organized, good selection, of colorful fresh images; unique collection not found on other sites.
1 Clipart.com - over ten thousand images in 300 categories
Google Images - a link for a general search for clipart on Google images
Icon Bazaar - one of the most useful sites on the internet for icons (small clipart). Original designs, colorful, but not bizarre. Thousands upon thousands of images. New images added on a continuing basis. Categories include: cars, food, documents, animals, computers, flowers, maps and roadsigns. Many animated categories as well.
Microsoft Office Clipart - free clipart orgainzed by topic; wide selection of illustrations and graphics.
The Open Clipart Library - free public domain clipart; a growing collection.
School Discovery Education - simple clip art images, many in black and white, suitable for use in classrooms
Sno's Studio - sets of graphics and backgrounds in various categories, including teddy bears, gardening, kitchen, valentines, angels, school, circus, various holidays, and alphabet sets.

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