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Clipart Review - Animations:

Animals - animiated dinosaurs, beaver, turtle, wolf, cats, dragons, fish, frog, lobster, racoon, buffalo, octopus, skunk, turkey, more dinos.
More Animals - several animated animals; few in number but well-designed.
Animated Buttons and Bars - several dozen well-designed, unique buttons and bars. Many are animated.
More Animated Buttons - several designs, all with words on them, for: home, next, e-mail, new, etc.
Aviation Animation - from paper planes to B-52s, from helicoptors to gliders, this site has it all.
Birds - eagles, hummingbirds, vulture, and more; colorful, complex, life-like animations.
Boats - several nice animated boat and ship images, and an animated sea captain.
Bullets - a couple of dozen animated bullets, colorful, yet annoying.
Cat Gif Animations - huge collection of cat animated gifs; unique and original; nice if you like cats.
Computers - several bizarre computer-related gif animations, including a bird pecking at a keyboard, a computer monitor exploding, and computers with arms and/or faces.
Construction - several unusual and well-designed construction and 'this site under construction' type images; some are subtle and some are not so subtle.
Flowers and Trees - several animated plants, including flowers, trees, and a venus flytrap.
Flags - animated flags from the U.S., Canada, the U.N, Great Britain, checkered flags, marine signal flags, and pirate flags.
Food and Drink - colorful, cartoon-like images, many animated, of fruits, vegetables, drinks, et cetera.
Hearts - scroll down the page to see several animated heart images.
Objects - miscellaneous animated objects, five pages of animations including: earth, heart, lighthouse, eye, book, cowboy, 'sign guestbook,' people, animals, house, and 'under construction' sign.
Sports - over 100 sports clipart images, many are animated; colorful, cartoon-like designs.
Stars - scroll down the page to see several stars and sets of stars, animated.

Large Collections of Animations:

Animation Library - over 13,000 free animations in very many different categories; simple and colorful designs.
Animation Station - many categories, but only a few images in each category; unusual animated gifs not found elsewhere.
Bells and Whistles - a collection of animated lines, bullets, signs, and pictures; many pages of images.
Bill's Animated GIF Collection - over 20,000 animations, submitted by many different artists.
Icon Bazaar - a large number of expertly-designed, small but colorful animations; original designs not found elsewhere, including: alphabets, arrows, flags, dots, orbs, stars, objects, signs, molecules, and infodings.
Cool Archive - hundreds of GIF animations, good assortment, well-categorized and easy to access.
ProDraw's Free Gif Animations - professionally-designed animations on a wide variety of different themes.
McJeff's Free Animations - interesting assortment, not organized by category, but with quick-loading text lists; unique original designs.


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Clipart Review: Animations - Backgrounds - Bullets - Buttons - Clipart by Category - Lines/Bars - Photos - Sounds